Direct to Film (DTF) printing is a modern digital printing method used for transferring designs onto fabrics and other surfaces. It involves creating or selecting a design digitally and printing it onto a special transparent film with a DTF printer. The printed film is coated with adhesive, placed on the fabric, and then heat-pressed to bond the ink and adhesive to the material. DTF printing is known for its ability to replicate intricate details and vivid colors, making it suitable for custom apparel, sportswear, and promotional items. It’s efficient, quick, and especially useful for dark-colored fabrics and multi-color designs without layering.


Decorating with a DTF is an easy, cost-effective way to enter the garment decoration industry. It provides the opportunity to personalize a wide variety of items.

– T-shirt
– Team Uniform
– Bags
– Corporate
– Small Businesses
– Clubs

MOQ: 1pcs (No Min Quantity)

Multicolour Printing
No Minimum Order Needed
Can Print Almost Any Image/Design
Fast Process Time

High Cost (Calculated by Print Size)


Silkscreen printing, also known as screen printing, is a versatile and popular method of transferring images, designs, and patterns onto various surfaces, such as fabric, paper, plastic, and metal. It involves using a mesh screen as a stencil to apply ink onto the desired material, creating a vibrant and durable print.

Silkscreen printing is particularly effective for creating detailed and multicolored prints. Each color in a design requires a separate screen and printing process, allowing for precise color registration. Once the ink is applied, it is cured or dried to ensure its longevity and resistance to fading or washing.

This method is widely used for producing custom T-shirts, posters, banners, signage, and various promotional materials. It offers the advantage of producing vibrant, high-quality prints on a variety of surfaces, making it a favored choice for both small-scale and large-scale production.

MOQ: 30pcs

Cheap Cost
Durable For Long Last

Only Prints Solid Colors
Process takes time


Enhance your business’s visibility and brand identity with the impactful touch of embroidered uniforms. Introducing embroidered uniforms can serve as a powerful promotional tool, elevating your corporate image while fostering a sense of pride and satisfaction among your employees, thereby boosting your company’s overall reputation.

In today’s dynamic embroidery landscape, intricate designs come to life through advanced computerized embroidery machines, guided by meticulously digitized patterns. These patterns, created using specialized embroidery software, result in captivating textures and designs that add depth to the final product. Machine embroidery proves invaluable for incorporating logos and monograms onto business attire, jackets, and team uniforms, as well as for crafting personalized gifts that leave a lasting impression. Elevate your business’s aesthetic and presence through the artistry of embroidered uniforms.

MOQ: 30pcs

– Promotes Brand/Corporate Image
– Durable For Long Last

– Much Costly Compare to Printing
– Not Suitable for Complicated Logo design

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